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Maintenance & repairs, emergencies

Back up and running in record time

Trusted partner for M&R

You can rely on the Linde PLANTSERV™ M&R team to help you prevent and shorten both scheduled and unscheduled downtime. As part of our maintenance offering, we carry out regular safety inspections and (lifetime) assessments of essential components using advanced diagnostics tools such as LIBAS®.

This proactive approach enables us to head off many problems before they even have a chance to occur.

In the event of an outage, you can also count on us for remote support and speedy, competent repair work on site. Equipped with the right qualifications, certificates, tools and experience, our M&R team covers all typical tasks including welding work on aluminium components such as heat exchangers and coldboxes, and the replacement of consumables such as molecular sieves, adsorbent materials and catalysts.

Indian men controll at plant
Hydrogen and Synthesis gas plant, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Photoshoot: October 2016, picture taken by Torsten Proß, Jürgen Jeibmann Photographik

Emergency response

Unscheduled downtime and operational emergencies can quickly end up costing a small fortune. Unless, of course, you have a fast, responsive team ready to jump right in at a moment’s notice. And that team can be up and running even faster if you have a standard agreement in place. Our remote services give you an additional time advantage as we can gain an initial overview of the problem and work out the best action plan before even deploying our staff.

When time is of the essence…

With LINDE PLANTSERV™, you can look forward to:

  • Peace of mind thanks to standard service agreement with guaranteed deliverables
  • Fast, responsive service with rapid delivery of key consumables
  • Qualified analysis and consulting leveraging our long-standing and synergised engineering and operational expertise
  • Project planning and execution tailored to your budget and timeline needs
  • All repairs – aluminium welding included – carried out by qualified and certified manufacturing experts
Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU), Leuna Germany, Customer: Linde engineering, Start-up 1993
Photoshoot: March 2018, Picture taken by Aydin Büyüktas

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